A Sea Painting As Promised But Not As Anticipated

Elements Large low res

I start every day with an hour on Taino beach. Tough life, I know.

It is my very own thinking time because the beach is just as empty as you see it.

And instead of thinking of the beauty of God’s creation, here is what goes in my wicked mind:

Behind the idyll of this perfect Caribbean paradise, there is a sinister force eating away this and many other beaches. Coastal erosion is an ongoing natural process, which has been intensified dramatically by human activity and climate change.

Did you know, that dry land – the islands and continents which we inhabit, is a result of volcanic activity of earlier geological eras. The erosion of the coastline has been going on ever since the continents emerged.  However hardly any new land is being formed. At the same time, human population is growing exponentially. It simply doesn’t add up.

Back to my beach. Behind the photographer, who has taken the shot there is a different picture, which is just as spectacular. The carcasses of huge trees which have collapsed when the sea has eaten away the land beneath their mighty roots. They are dead, fallen, yet not defeated. Waves crush over them, tides come and go but they stay unmoved, sinking stubbornly deeper in the sand.

Looking at them, I couldn’t stop thinking of the titanic struggle between the elements of our planet and how petty and transient we are as a species.

This is the story of Taino beach which I wanted to tell with my painting. Sorry if I spoiled the touristy wonderland for you.


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