Shoes for Walking the Opposite Way

The Daily Prompt today is about Shoes and walking. Here is a pair of shoes, which tell a story goes against some established values.  I included a little paragraph which explains what I had in mind when I created the piece.


Blind Date

The absurd Barbie-pink stilettos made of paper can provide no support. Stability is out of the question.  They are as desperate as the hope of their wearer and as fragile as her confidence. Her acute self-consciousness, is suggested by the mirror reflecting her every step.

This is a piece about hope, loneliness, insecurity and a forlorn desire to fit in a world where appearances matter more than substance. Although the wearer of the pink stilettos is not visible, she is intensely present. 

Blind Date was first shown in an exhibition loosely themed around Love to coincide with Valentine’s Day.

I strongly dislike Valentine’s Day, not only for its ugly commercialism. I dislike it because it is smug and insensitive to all the lonely people out there. The management distributing red roses to all girls on the floor (so that the ugly ones also get something) only makes it worse.   And no, I am not a frustrated single middle aged woman. Quite the opposite – I am a happy middle aged woman, who feels loved 24/7. Just  that Valentine’s Day has nothing to do with love.

5 thoughts on “Shoes for Walking the Opposite Way

  1. claudette dean

    I completely agree with your thoughts on Valentine’s day and love Boryana…it’s the most ridiculous holiday out there. On your piece…I love the fragility that they exude but I can’t help feeling that the heels should be as “stiletto” as possible…just my opinion 🙂

    1. Boryana Post author

      Thanks Claudette! I couldn’t go more stiletto than this in papier mache and introducing another material would not have carried the message of vulnerability as well as paper did. Thank you for the remark though – It really made me think!

  2. Anna

    If Valentine’s day is insensitive to all lonely people, wouldn’t you say that about every public holiday? If so, are you suggesting we should dislike Christmas and birthdays too?

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