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A Painting With a Date And no Name


This piece is firmly dated 2013 but has no name yet. Open for suggestions.

It was inspired after I started following the blog of a friend of mine, which, unlike the rest of it, talks about hope. He lead me to other Bulgarian thinkers, who share he same hope. It is the first time I paint my country, which I left almost 20 years ago in a state of disillusionment..

Thank you Yavor,  I owe the little green sprout to you.  It popped up just as I was finishing the piece and hated to look at it.

If you are new to Bulgaria:

Twenty four years ago Bulgaria overthrew its totalitarian communist regime. It was time of great hopes. Presently it is the poorest country in the European Union, drowning in corruption and endless political bickering. We did not live through a civil war like neighboring Yugoslavia, nor have been affected by natural disasters or foreign invasions since 1945. We have fertile lands, mountains, beaches, lakes and rivers, good infrastructure and high literacy rate. Why then?

This image is based on the Bulgarian flag and crest. If you think it is gross, you should read the venomous exchanges between my fellow Bulgarians on social media. It will seem like a breeze.

Guns and Roses- Sonia Rentsch’s Still Lifes


Guns and Roses- Sonia Rentsch’s Still Lifes.

Sonia Rentsch Gun

Sonia Rentsch’s assemblages of things growing in nature to form objects of violence are moving and thought provoking. Simple and powerful idea, executed lovingly – which makes it particularly interesting. One would anticipate a sense of righteousness, a slogan-like assertiveness of activism – but no. The only feeling that these images emanate is love.

To me, this is art of the highest order.