The Night When the Diamonds Stop Glittering


There is one night in the year, darker and deeper than the others.  People hardly notice it, or if they do, they don’t give it much attention. It is moonlit skies and shining stars that make material for love songs.

That night, after lovers untangle from their embrace, thieves and murderers withdraw to the shadows, restless souls and insomniacs finally drop with exhaustion – that dark and motionless night all diamonds in the world lose their spark. It flickers once or twice then quietly fades and they vanish in the darkness.

Once invisible, the diamonds take on a journey.

They leave wedding rings, necklaces and bracelets, brilliants disappear from crowns and tiaras, precious jewels leave safes and vaults, solitaires depart from pendants and ear rings, diamonds of all sizes and cuts leave velvet boxes, altars, idols, rappers’ chains and Swiss watches, and head towards the core of the Earth. The place, where sooth and slime simmer for millennia, fuelled by the planet’s anger, to erupt one day in tectonic rage and give birth to new diamonds .

Once they’ve lost their spark what remains are the diamonds’ souls, visible only to them. And they are not a pretty picture.   Festered wounds from floggings, bleeding  feet from failed escapes, bullet holes, smashed bones, poisoned guts and deep furrows carved by centuries of  bitter tears cover those wretched shadows. No, the diamonds’ souls are not pretty at all for they bear the scars of all ugly secrets of their histories from the moment they were mined and polished, to the present day.

The diamonds’ souls come together during that night to let out their pain, guilt and shame, hoping in vain to release the burden of their eternal anguish. They huddle together in the darkness and whisper  tales of broken promises, treachery, deceit, of conquests, shadowy deals, killings, torture and  humiliation.

They wriggle. They weep.  They whine.

At the break of dawn, the sorrowful congregation breaks and the diamonds head back to where they came from, adorning men and women, loved and feared, desired and despised.

Once again they are ready to step on the stage. To glitter and spark, to razzle dazzle .

To symbolize true love.

 After all, diamonds are the hardest material in the world, aren’t they? 


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6 thoughts on “The Night When the Diamonds Stop Glittering

  1. Tom Ward

    Boryana! What a wonderful imagination you have and such a gift for storytelling. Great stuff!! [I might have even said your work sparkles like a diamond, but given the context … :-). ]


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