You are Being Abducted!


Imagine that you live in paradise – blue skies, azure waters, silky air and mojitos.  God’s own residence is just across the canal from you, so to speak. You can see him often sitting alone on his porch, staring at the distance.

If you are trying to be an artist in a place like this, you can choose to paint the world around you, of course – sunsets, coconuts, beautiful people. Or you can choose to look at it from a Heavenly vantage point – through the eyes of its creator.

The paintings in the Abduction series have been conceived as a  journey to a different dimension from where the world is seen like an entanglement of anthropomorphic or manmade shapes floating aimlessly in the void, where the time to move the eye from one frame to the next can be the difference between being and not being.

It is concerned with the idea that while humanity is absorbed in political, material and interpersonal squabbles, the planet is coming perilously close to the limit of its resources. That we, with all our possessions, ambitions, passions and complications, are nothing more than a grain of dust, a blink in god’s eye. It is an appeal to shift from our small minded point of view and re-define our values from a cosmic perspective.

My work is influenced by a tradition of expressive figurative painting starting from Michelangelo, to Caravaggio, Gericault and Lucien Freud.  I am seeking to create images which are imposing, imperative, even aggressive – this is not an invitation to quiet contemplation, but abduction to a place where the only option is to face reality, the point in space and time, where we cannot look the other way, as there is no other way to look.

The piece that you see here is titled Kingdom Come and reflects two moments in time, which for the human race may be separated by centuries, but are just a blink in God’s eye.

If you see something else, please let me know – there is no right or wrong here.

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