Let’s enjoy the Apocalypse, shall we?

This is the funniest yet most insightful and educational analysis of an artwork ever!

Standing Ovation, Seated

Empirical evidence suggests a single punch in the face drives a point better than two hours of moralizing talk. No surprise then that fear has been seen as the most efficient motivational tool throughout human history. This is why the Apocalypse has been the ultimate religious argument for staying morally straight, and paintings featuring the Last Judgment have been used to deliver the much-needed wallop.

Hans Memline, the Last Judgment, 1471 Hans Memling, the Last Judgment, 1471 – CLICKABLE

Yet, a good Last Judgment painting is not meant to give its observers a thrashing, but to send them reeling with thoughts and ideas. From my previous post, we know that this triptych by Hans Memling was pushing a 15th-century viewer to reconsider his racist attitudes to black people. In that post, I also promised to show you some exciting details of this work.

Read on, I am illustrating my lighthearted account of the Apocalypse with details from…

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1 thought on “Let’s enjoy the Apocalypse, shall we?

  1. Tom Ward

    Thanks for posting this. Parts are very tongue in cheek of course, but it is interestiung and insightful as well. Rather than being a long-winded, esoteric and academic analysis, It is, I suppose, the metaphorical ‘single punch in the face’ that drives the point home.


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