Experiencing the beach: dialogue with artist

I am thrilled and honored to be featured in this post by Standing Ovation, Seated – the most unique art blog in cyber space! Happy and grateful!

Standing Ovation, Seated

Friends ask me sometimes, “If you understand art so well, why don’t you begin painting yourself?” That’s because I would make a bad artist. My brain is wired differently. Shakespeare could produce three metaphors in a single line, and I need half an hour to think up one. And chances are it won’t be nearly as good. A talented painter can produce a dozen visual metaphors in a sketch, while I would be half-way through the preliminary measurement of my future painting to locate the golden ratio line. A good painter will find and draw it with the speed of a trained cop drawing his service gun: his hand knows where it is.

Good artists are spontaneously good. It is what sets them apart from art critics who are spontaneously critics. Even though I don’t style myself as an art critic, but as an art appreciation coach, there you are, anyway.

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4 thoughts on “Experiencing the beach: dialogue with artist

  1. Tom Ward

    A most interesting ‘dialogue’. I found the comments of the ‘critic’ most interesting and a testament to your natural skill as an artist.

    1. Boryana Post author

      Thank you Tom! I feel really privileged to be featured on this blog – it is the only place where you can read about art without artificiality, pretense and hypocrisy. I’ve learned tons from this guy.

  2. anna

    I like the idea that it is written as a conversation, I guess that’s what many artists are trying to do with their paintings, have a conversation. But I guess for you its interesting to get the analysis as a response 🙂


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