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Brides, knights, and pet dragons

This is as funny as it is educational! Still giggling…

Standing Ovation, Seated

Marriage traditions… Some of them have been around for centuries, some have died away, some are forgotten, and some are fondly remembered, but not practically applied. The white dress, bride bouquets, or the waltz dance are cute, harmless, and absolutely impractical.

But for most of human history is was vice versa. Marriage traditions were often horrendous, dangerous, and very pragmatic.

There was a tradition among Tibetan mountain tribes that a bride must have sex with at least four perfect strangers (people not from the village) before marriage was allowed.

As strangers were a rare occurrence in Tibetan villages, her father would set up a tent beside one of the major roads, with a special sign welcoming passersby to help the bride in bringing her marriage date nearer by having sex with her. Finding four strangers who wouldn’t be monks could take weeks.

It was a simple solution to a genetic problem:…

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