An open question to David Duchovny


Standing Ovation, Seated


I write, generally, about art, its values, and, occasionally, its value, and how the latter was changing throughout history. Right now, I am working on Giotto’s Kiss of Judas, and as I love to show how art of the past can be relevant today, I need to calculate the current value of a Tyrian shekel (Judas sold out Christ for 30 of those, you know). I know how much silver costs, but I need to know the symbolic value of those 30 coins. I am sure you can help me out, and it will take a moment of your time.

You are starring in a TV advert for a Russian brand of beer (owned by a Belgian holding company) that talks about the pride of being Russian. It went live a few days ago and became an instant hit.

You are very sincere in this ad, talking of how proud…

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