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Standing Ovation, Seated

No, I am not. It is my 18 yo son, who writes his own texts and music and makes them into songs. I used to be his biggest fan, but I am not so sure now that he started performing for larger fan audiences than, well, me.

This is the cover for his first album, that proves a teenager interested in rock and blues guitar is as compatible with cheerfulness, as a UK plug with a US socket. That’s the point, actually, a six-pack of apathy.

Photo by Ekaterina Khmelevskaya Photo by Ekaterina Khmelevskaya

And now, on to the songs! If you are below 13, ask your parent for guidance.

My favourite:

His favourite:

If you like them, share the treasure with your friends. Yes, help the music spread and perhaps one day as I get a cab, one of them would be playing back to me )

And I would feel truly happy…

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