Life’s too short not to cherish its moments

Standing Ovation, Seated

We stare at ocean waves, get mesmerized by fire, gaze on mountains, and trace the silver lining of fancy clouds as if God left there calligraphic answers to questions we feel awkward to ask of other people, like “When are you going to get married?” or “Does your job pay well?”

Why do we love watching the elements?

Simple, I guess. While any of the elements in too much quantity is deadly, life is impossible without any one of them. We love watching them as long as we are in control, just as we crowd around tigers in a cage, and tend to run away when meeting them in person under less restricted circumstances for the dangerous species.

Water is especially…interesting. Air or fire are always the same except for pollution levels and intensity. Earth, as an element, offers a degree of variation, of course, but ultimately it is the…

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1 thought on “Life’s too short not to cherish its moments

  1. Tom Ward

    Just a miscellaneous thought that occurred to me when reading this interesting piece.
    I note that tigers also tend to run away from people when meeting them in person and when the tigers are not constrained by a cage that prevents them from running away. Of the two, one wonders just who the “dangerous species” is; people would get my vote, even with respect to the relative danger to each other. I warrant that man has killed far more tigers in the last century than vice versa.


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