I have been dedicated solely to art since 2007. I have exhibited in the United Arab Emirates, Bulgaria, the Bahamas, Spain, and the US.

I was born in Bulgaria where I graduated in Arab Philology from Sofia University. Alongside my academic studies, I trained in art privately. I have worked as an Arabic language teacher, translator, and PR Consultant.

In 2007 I resumed my art training in Dubai, where I resided at the time, and later completed a Figure Master Class with Allen McGowan at the London Art Academy.

I am the author and presenter of my own art history channel  Art Unplugged on YouTube.

My primary interest is in the human condition expressed through the human form.
I divide my practice between working from nature, a very deliberate process of building an internal
visual library, and intuitive drawing/painting.
During the pandemic, I started experimenting with bringing together faces and moods from various photographic sources and placing them in contexts of colour and texture which I create using only my painterly intuition.
I usually start my paintings without a clear idea of the desired end result, allowing the work to follow its own logic.
In my work the deliberate and the intuitive meet to create a certain psychological tension and reveal unexplored states of mind. I believe that the artistic intuition provides the only key to our secret internal spaces which even we cannot access.

Exhibition history:

  • September 2021 – Finalist in IsoraArt competition and exhibition, Guia de Isora, Spain
  • February 2021 – Portraits, online group show by Yellow Fine Arts, New York
  • September 2017 – Tender Collisions, solo show, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • April 2015 – Nocturnes, Lucaya Gallery, Grand Bahama, (curator and participant)
  • July 2014 – Eye Candy, Jadite Gallery, New York
  • April 2014 – Oblique Perspectives, Group show, CVAP Miami
  • March 2014, Interrogations, group show, Curator’s Voice Art Projects, Miami
  • February 2014 – Grand Bahama Artists Association Spring show
  • April 2013 – 26.6 N-78.7 W –, Freeport, Grand Bahama (curator and participant)
  • April 2013 New York Art Expo – 2013
  • April 2012 Two Tales One City – with Christine Matthai during Dubai Art
  • May 2011 – Whoosh! – solo exhibition in Fujairah, UAE