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Quick Quiz

Question: what is this?

Gagosian @ Frieze

Answer: Koons R Us – the store where Damien Hirst buys toys for his baby:







The bill goes to Sheikha Mayasa of Qatar.

You see reader? All is taken care of.

The future is f***ing great.

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Q: Gagosian Gallery; A: NY Times




Damien Hirst’s Releases Children’s Book

Imagine a generation of humans, whose early idea of the world has been formed by Damien Hirst’s art. Sounds as a plot for a horror sci-fi movie. How sick could sick get?

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Fawn Review


As British artist Damien Hirst publishes his first children’s book, ABC, we ask the question- will S always stand for Shocker?

There are many roles by which Damien Hirst is remembered; the man who chain saws cows in half, or the man who made £50 million by encrusting a skull with diamonds. But, now he’s keen to add to this persona the role of being an educator of children.

The unconventional artist’s first children book, ABC, was released yesterday. When news of this project broke, art and literature critics were dumbfounded. For such a maverick man to enter such a mainstream model seemed impossible. What would the blurb consist of, I wondered, ‘The cat sat on the mat, was sawn in half and suspended in formaldehyde in the Tate Modern’?

The alphabet book is composed of pictures of Hirst’s work representing each letter with pieces from his earliest to most…

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